Ben Graham x Idris Battou


Sold Out


We are very proud to announce that Fair Game OG Ben Graham is finally a PRO SKATER -- our first pro!

In the five-or-so years we've been around, Ben has been steadily dropping parts, posting clips, learning new tricks into his 30s, developing new technology with TITE GRINDZ RAIL SYSTEMS, and doing his damnedest to keep skateboarding super dumb and fun.

If you're not following him already...

We teamed up with Maryland artist Idris Battou for Ben's pro model. The pink of the cherry blossom is a familiar site to anybody who's been to DC in the spring; a subtle nod to the city that was instrumental in Ben's skating, and that Idris calls home.

These boards are available in the following sizes: 8", 8.125", 8.25", 8.375", 8.5" and 9" (popsicle shape).

If any size is sold out here, it may be available through one of the following skateshops:

Fair Game Skateboards are made in the USA.