Lucas Beaufort x Fair Game


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Fair Game Skateboards is proud to present a collaboration with Lucas Beaufort: painter, founder of the LB Project, director of the documentary DEVOTED, and skateboarder. His work has appeared in galleries and public spaces around the world, in and on your favorite skate magazines, skateboards and skate shoes.

We have two limited-edition colorways -- black-on-white and white-on-black stain -- in a variety of sizes: 8", 8.125", 8.25", 8.38", 8.5" and 9" (popsicle shape).

"Born in Cannes in 1981, Lucas Beaufort is a French visionary artist-painter living in a world surrounded by imaginary characters — kind but mischievous monsters, who help him build a positive image on the world and guide his choices every day. His specialty is using acrylic paint on various bases: canvas, photos, trees, walls, guitars, shoes, cars, bodies and absolutely everything he can find, with no limit. If the paint sticks, then it is a canvas."